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Yangshuo Classic Tour(3days)
Yangshuo Highlights Tour(4days)
Yangshuo Incredible Tour (5days)
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Yangshuo Incredible Tour (5days)

Yangshuo Incredible Tour (5days)

Day1 Pick Up 

 We pick you up at the Guilin airport and drive you to Longji  Terrace (it is about 2 hours drive from the airport to longji.). We will check in at the one of our recommended typica minority hotel(Deluxe room).But if you arrive in Guilin duing the evening,we first go to Yangshuo.

Day 2 Hiking around Minority village

9:00 am,after breakfast,we will explore a Ping'an village and enjoy the scenery of the rice terraces which are build on the steep hill slopes. you will meet some of the local minority people living the wooden house and working in the rice fields.About 40 miuntes  we  will arrive in NO.2 platform--seven stars accompanying the moon.This platform is highest place in Pingan village,after visit the NO.2,we will turn left follow the path on the top of the mountains to NO.1 platform--Nice dragons and five tigers.During the way we can see the beauiful rice fieds,water fulls local famers....The  hiking journey takes about 3.5 hours.

Afer lunch,we will take our car to paradise palce---Yangshuo.It is about 3.5 hours drive from the Longji to Yangshuo.We will check in at the the one of our recommended 3 star Hotel(Deluxe room).

Day3 LiRiver Cruise(Xingping--Yangdi--Xingping)

8:00We will have a private vehicle to Xingping (about 50 minutes drive) where we take a local boat to Yangdi,and then back. This cruise takes about 3 hours.

This is the highlight tour of Li River. In this way , you can be very close to the water, the hills and the nature.  You can enjoy the picturesque landscape: feel the crystal clear water, see the buffalos swimming or eating water weed in the river, the fisherman drawing the nets. Along the two banks of the river there are beautiful peaks, pretty bamboos, nice rice fields, quiet villages.

If it is market day in Xingping, we will visit the local market. Markets go around surrounding towns every third day. This means on the 3rd, 6th, 9th etc. days of the month there is market in Xingping. The local market is not a typical tourist market but a market for local goods. Villagers from the area come for shopping and it is always interesting.

In the evening, we will watch thelight show-Impression Liu Sanjie, it is starts at 8pm, 70 minutes show finish at 9:10pm.

Day4 Bicycle tour around Yangshuo

9:00AM,after breakfast, we take a bicycle and we cycle to MoonHill through the countryside road. It's about 9 km, we will visit Dragon River Scenic area and cycling from the mountains to the MoonHill .During the way we can enjoy the river view,old villages or something...When we arrived Moonhill, we will hike up to top of Moonhill, it is about 1 hour walk with 860 steps for each way.
After Moonhill we will have lunch in the Moonhill Cafe .

After lunch and a coffee, we continue our tour to Assembly Dragon Cave.This cave takes 1hour inside. The road is flat and comfortable,and the views is amazing.

When we finish the cave trip,we cycly back to Yangshuo.The total time we are cycling, hiking and cycling back is about 6 hours (including resting).ay

Day 5 Relaxing and Guilin ariport

During this day,time is yours,you can walking around Yangshuo or seat in the cafe or shopping.....up to you.

In the evening, our car drives you back to Guilin Airport

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